Slip Solutions Ottawa

Providing solutions for slippery surfaces.


Welcome to Slip Solutions Ottawa!

Slips happen where there is too little friction or traction between the footwear(or barefoot) and

walking surface.

At Slip Solutions Ottawa, we specialize in providing a step by step, slip resistant treatment for your

slippery surfaces to prevent accidents, by raising the coefficient of friction on the surface

while wet or dry.

We utilize a revolutionary slip-resistant floor safety treatment system, proven to guarantee a safe

surface environment without altering the integrity of the surface, making it safer than ever before

imagined.  The Canadian made, Non-Slip Safety Solution products are specifically designed to

create a slip-resistant surface that is not only economical, but fast and easy to apply. They are

specially formulated to react with hard mineral surfaces.

Hard Mineral Surfaces, Slippery Surfaces

Tile Floors

Marble, Ceramic, Concrete, Etc...
Porcelain Bathtubs and Showers


Showers and bathroom areas

Pool Areas, Front Entrances, Public Places

Pool Decks

Pool Areas with Slippery Surfaces